Wii Experiment

Hacked into the Wii Remote, since I will be using the accelerometer. First step was to remove the plastic casing, which provided the first problem: How to attach batteries to it without the plastic casing. Solution was to get a battery pack. Partial success, it works without the plastic casing, but the connection right now is a little flimsy, so will have to solder the connections in. Below is a picture of it.

~ by paviter on October 2, 2008.

2 Responses to “Wii Experiment”

  1. What’s the purpose of the Wii hack? I’m sure you have explained it somewhere, but alas, I don’t see it. And what is Infrasound? It looks interesting, anytime you get to work with an accelerometer is always a good time.

  2. I am using the accelerometer in the Wii remote to pick up infrasonic waves in an urban environment. Infrasonic waves are sound waves between 0-20Hz (below the listening capabilities of humans). What these waves do is they physically move the surrounding air. So if I can capture that movement and allow it to affect the accelerometer, it would allow be to detect these low frequency waves.

    Using the Wii just makes it much easier to send the data over to the computer as well 🙂 Rather than buying an accelerometer and soldering it onto a PCB, this is a much easier approach.

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